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iPhone 4 Jailbreak iOS 4.1


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Sep 13, 2010
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Wellington, New Zealand.
How many people would decide to buy the iPhone 4 if we are able to Jailbreak 4.1?
I am one of them, I haven't brought one yet, still have my Nokia 5800 using Nokia PC Suite to send and recieve text messages via PC as I hate texting via phone, I spend alot of time on PC for business and need to use PC Suite to text, at the moment my Nokia connects to my PC via bluetooth and I can do alot with it while it's in my pocket or on the desk.
Apple doesn't offer any PC suite software like Nokia does, don't know why and it will be their lost not ours and to use third party software to text via the iPhone 4 it needs to be jailbroken, what a joke!!!
So I'm waiting to move to the iPhone 4, if nothing happens when Nokia releases the N8 in New Zealand soon I'm going to buy it.
So i'm still trolling this forum in the meantime to get more info on the iPhone 4. It looks pretty good, I've also heard some news that Apple will be releasing a iPhone 4 revision in October 2010 fixing the antenna problems.
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theres an iphone pc suite, its for jailbroken devices. and you can connect over wifi and usb
we will be able to soon enough, dev team have already jailbroken it at a hardware level and just waiting for tool now.. i always hated pc suite