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Photo help!


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Jul 18, 2010
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Hey everyone,

I've had an iPhone 3 and just got the new iPhone 4. On my 3 I never sorted my iPod or photos into any order so with me just getting the iPhone 4 I thought I'd sort everything out!!

I've created different folders for my photos like wallpapers, holiday photos etc. I have a few photos on my iPhone which i now want to move from camera roll to another folder I have created, how can I do this?

Also, how do I get an image from my iPhone on to the computer?

the same way as u did ya folder b4 create another folder or you could just go to ya photos on ya pc and drag them in to an existing folder.
I created a new folder called holidays,so with my 4 destination holiday folders i have on my pc i dragged and put in my new holiday folder,so before i sync my photos on my iphone4 i chose my holiday folder on itunes and then syced my iphone and now when i go to my album on my iphone i have 4 folders with different holiday destinations.
Hope this made scense and answered your question :)

Oh and to get an image from ya iphone to ya computer just email it thats what i do lol