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Oct 5, 2010
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So Firstly, Hi! I got my iPhone 4 yesterday.

Just been searching around for useful hints and tips etc etc...

But still have a few questions unanswered.

Hopefully I can get some help here.

First one, Is it possible to create a new folder to keep images organised on my iphone. I know you can have folders for apps but when I start having a lot of images I don't want to have to scroll though hundred of images to find a back ground. So I want to create a folder for backgrounds/wallpapers, one for photos, and another for random, is this possible?

Second, Is there a way for me to know whether or not a text message has been received, on other phones I've had i can choose to have delivery reports is there a similar function on iPhone?

To have folders you must create them on your pc then sync. Or D/L an app that allows you to create them right in the app... PictureSafe is a good one.
Thanks for the help I'll look in to that app, I can't seem to create folders on the PC in the iPhone directories that's why i was confused. The app looks helpful though thanks.