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Hello from a new hacker


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Dec 28, 2010
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Long Island, N.Y.
Hi everyone. I'm Gwen and I'm a former rooter of android phones. I woke up and finally got an iPhone. I've left my phone (3GS & 4) alone for a year now and tonight the geek in me came out :) I LOVE messing around with gadgets.
I'm downloading Redsnow at the moment. Hopefully all will go well.
I'm going to be full of questions because I honestly do not even know what the benefits of jailbreaking an iPhone are. I just know I can do more with my phone. I'm ashamed to say that I don't even fully understand Cydia! I'm totally lost. I hope I won't be a bother to you guys & I hope some of you will be cool with helping me out. I would really appreciate any help I can get. I'm full of questions. Peace to all of you....
I won't be a bother to you guys & I hope some of you will be cool with helping me out. I would really appreciate any help I can get. I'm full of questions. Peace to all of you....

I'm still waiting on the questions??
Or is this a dead thread?
the pros of cydia are that you can customize basically almost all aspects of your phone, you can have themes, add ons, icon overlays, i mean the list is too long to type out... if you look at ikryptic (Phil S) videos on he news section he displays a lot of cool themes or lockscreens you can download from cydia, the only few cons i can think of would be it drains battery a little quicker, and if youre idevice in on 4.2.1, it might be a little pain in the but to try out new things and your device has to reboot and you need to run redsn0w again to get cydia to work, but other than that if you got any other questions ask away, and ill try to be as much help as possible
Thank you! I appreciate the info :) I'm stuck on the download of redsnow. When it get's to where it's uploading ramdisk, I get stuck. Only a few bars and it won't budge. I tried a system restore and still no go. I honestly know so little that I don't even know how to begin to solve this one.
Of course! Honestly, what kind of imbecile would I be if I had not? Everything I'm doing is an exact match of the video tutorial. Like I said in my earlier post, my phone get's stuck at the uploading ramdisk. I'm running redsnow & installing Cydia. I can not complete this process though. I'll just research on my own. I appreciate the feedback, yet I'm too much of a newbie at this to be hounding you all with every minute detail. I learned to root through forums such as this and to be perfectly frank, I was put through hell in my Android forum. I'm very apprehensive about doing this all over again with the iphone. Thanks so much anyway :)
i had a G1 and rooted it with cyanogens roms back in the day haha, but anyway just let it sit there for about a good 10 mins or so im sure it will go through eventually if you try enough times lol, atleast there is no fear in bricking these phones
I had a G1 also. Poor phone. I destroyed that thing by practicing on it :) The good news is I F'ing did it!!! I'm jailbroken! I had adjust the compatability. That's it. Thanks so much guys. I apologize if I sounded a bit rude in my earlier post. It's just that the guys at the android forum were mean to me and they would rank on any guy that would help me out. I'm just a bit nervous being here in "man land" lol
Here come the questions.......
Got me curious since you got it JB, I've been apprehensive since loosing the JB due to me experimenting too much with my phone.
IT doesn't like us to JB or mess with the company equipment however he realizes I accept all responsibility and will not rely on him to get me out of any troubles. You will really enjoy JB once you get headed in the right direction.

Is yours tethered?

I'm not an expert just an experimenter who knows who to call on or which forum's to find the solutions to the problems I get myself into......

IT took the company from windows to Mac yet I've got my Mac locked up 3 times with just trying to do too many things and downloading different programs so it's the same way with my iPhone why drive Bugatti like a KIA?

If you don't mind getting help from someone that doesn't know anything yet just tries everything I'll help as much as possible. When JB I downloaded almost every tweak and am aware of which ones are really practical as far as app's I own 3725 in iTunes and have 925 on my phone.

I consider myself a power user I use my phone as a tool.

Babbling just to say if I can be of any help let me know or ask away.

John T. Snelson V
WOW that is a bunch of apps, does it slow you down at all, or does it drain your battery like mad? i only got about 20 apps and tweaks give or take a few, if i find something better or find that i dont use something i just delete, no use in taking up random space right?, but yes ask away if i know the solution to a problem or question you might have ill be more than happy to help you, which forum did you go on? XDA?
Apps don't slow down as much as take up storage I just like having apps I still only use a handful like everyone else just always try to be prepared. I have a 32gb and currently have 1918 photo's and 20 dvd movies, 2205 notes and with 2.5GB free I attribute my slow down to having to upgrade to 4.2.1 by mistake, I had more on it when it was JB and had no lag or issues all my issues began when had to un JB and update can't wait to let it rain again.....