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Google Voice/App/A-List


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Sep 4, 2010
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Hi we have 1400 att plan eligible for a-list.

Just installed google voice app.

Imputed my google voice number into a-list set to my att cell phone number.

From looking online it appears that by going this route I can make and receive unlimited calls? Is this true?

This is what's happening when I tested it. I called my google voice number and my cell phone rang with caller id which is my google number.

When I make a call I use the app make a call from contact list. Then it asks me to choose the phone I want to use then I choose my cell phone. Then it calls my cell phone, with my google number as caller id. Then I answer then the connection is made.

Is this the right steps?

Is this means VoIP? If not can you make and receive calls on edge? I wasn't having good experience with skype and the likes as call quality and reliability wasn't consistent.

Also is there a way when a caller calls my google number their phone number will appear as caller id instead of my google number?
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