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Getting iPhone contact to match Outlook contact when synching


Oct 29, 2014
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I have a contact in Outlook that is comprised of a name, phone numbers and email addresses, an address and content in the Notes section.

In my iPhone, this contact is comprised of the name, company, job title, a picture (which matches the contact's Facebook profile picture), phone numbers and email addresses and an address, but none of the content in the Notes section that are available in the Outlook contact.

1. Where did the iPhone pull the additional information about the contact (profile picture, company, job title) from?
2. How do I stop the iPhone from pulling this information and synching with Outlook such that the content in my iPhone exactly matches the content in Outlook?
3. How do I get the Notes content to display on my iPhone? My Notes content displays for all of my other contacts, but not for this one.