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Synching Outlook contacts - only certain Address books


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Sep 30, 2010
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I currently have my iPhone set to synch Mail, Contacts & Calendar with our Microsoft Exchange server. My Contacts dilemma is that I have various other address books within my Outlook that I do not want on my phone. How do I (a) select only a particular Add Book to synch and (b) get rid of the contacts that already came over so I can start clean? On the Info tab in iTunes, I do not have anything checked to synch, so I am assuming that Exchange (wherever it is 'turned on') is overriding that somehow. I'm not sure what "you are synching with MS Exchange over the air" exactly means.... When I do check the "Synch Contacts with Outlook" box there, then my other Groups do not appear (from which I could choose).... so apparently I am missing something? Thx!