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Synched iphone5 and NO contacts or notes. Help!!!


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Oct 26, 2012
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Picked up my iphone 5 on Friday and synched through iTunes as soon as I got home. For some unknown mysterious reason my 'notes' and 'contacts' didnt synch to my new iphone. I use a PC at home. I do not synch my contacts and notes with anything but iTunes. The file exists, I can see it when I click preferences<devices and I was able to view the files using 3rd party software so all isnt lost.!!!

Previously I was using an iphone3 that was last backed-up and synched on June 19th through iTunes, everything synched OK on the 19th.

Any suggestionason how to get my contacts and notes onto my 5 would be greaty appreciated.

Shame on you for not performing a back up on the old phone before replacing it.

It was backed up, the data is there in the itunes back up file, it's just not synching to my new phone.
contacts your provider should have a machine to hook up to your old phone and move them over for you.

Notes you might be able to see in Windows Explorer, but I can't tell you how to transfer.

The old 3G iphone is toast, ATT tried all the tricks in the book to retrieve my data and nothing worked. I think the replacement battery over cooked the internals.

I can view the notes and contacts in the backup file but the 3rd party software vendor wants $99 to 'retreive' the data. The 'free trial' only allows me to view it. :(.
Yeah but what about restoring the contacts? Didn't they said they would do that too?

I agree it's a lot of money. Maybe you'll get a better answer from someone who has more experience then myself. Good luck to you.

I had a few hours to kill before work so I manualy entered my 'contacts' this morning, fortunately it was only about 30. A few minutes ago I tried to backup my 5 to June 91th, the last time I synched my 3G and got an error message that read something like, "the file your trying to access is corrupted or the device your using isnt compatible."

I going to bail on trying to get the data synched and just do it manually, and YES, I've already backed my new phone to my hard drive and 'the cloud'.

Bill, thanks for input and time, its appreciated.