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How to transfer all my contacts to Outlook


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Sep 23, 2012
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I just got a new computer at work and it uses Outlook for email, calendar, and contacts, etc. I would like to keep my contacts and calendar synched between my home PC (also using Outlook) with my iPhone 4S, and my work PC. Currently, I can synch my home PC with my iPhone and am only interested in keeping my contacts and calendar synched.
You do it by creating a CSV file. Now I'd like to give you step by step instructions, but I don't know how. However if you Google CSV file and Outlook I believe Google has a step by step to show you how to do it. A spreadsheet is involved.
KeithLiu said:
Why don't you use your outlook contacts in your iPhone? It can be automatic sync from iPhone to outlook or outlook to iPhone.

Yup, would have to agree. That's what I did with outlook and my droid phone/ipod/ipad. Worked great!
OK, sounds logical, but I must be doing something wrong. I installed iTunes on my Windows XP machine and then connected my iPhone. I set the phone to sync Outlook contacts and calendar. I tried this a few times and my Outlook in WinXP shows no contacts (I've not entered any yet), and my iPhone still has the 100 or so still there. I would like to synch the ones in the iPhone to my XP.
Using the Microsoft exchange to add an account on my iPod and iPad, I had the option to turn on calendar and contacts. This allowed for my 2 devices to sync with the outlook server from work. I didn't have to connect either device to iTunes on my computer.
I do this.. configure the iPhone for exchange email. It will then sync your Mail, contacts and calendar. doesn't sync notes or tasks but there is another program for that. If you already have iPhone contacts you should export them and import them to your exchange contacts as you don't want both....

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I also wanted to sync my iPhone contacts with Outlook.com contacts. Just found out this thread before posting mine :p

I tried the CSV method! It simply worked!
Sync contacts to gmail account with iTunes and then export messages to a vcard file.