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Front, Rear & Antenna Band Colorlay Review


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Oct 25, 2011
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Missouri, USA
Ordered Colorlays for my iPhone 4 on October 31, 2011... amidst a snow storm that halted their business' production. Received the front, rear and antenna band Colorlays yesterday. In my opinion, even though business was down for about a week I feel the shipping time was quite acceptable. Initial inspection of the vinyl shows a nicely cut product that's much thinner than I had anticipated. After cleaning my phone w/ rubbing alcohol I applied the vinyl w/o any real issues. The back went on quite easily, as well as the antenna band pieces. The front was a slight bit more tedious. The thin strips along the side make it tough to place straight. I began at the bottom... centering it around the home button and worked my way along the sides. As you can see from the pics it looks really nice... if you like yellow that is. :) I definitely recommend GrafiXpressions to anyone here, as their Colorlays are quite incredible! I also like that they offer a wide assortment of other decals & t-shirts to choose from. Thanks GrafiXpressions for the great products!