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Why buy the newest iPhone?


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Sep 23, 2013
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Nearly everyone is buying a smartphone, one of the largest producers of said phones, is Apple. I am focusing on the iPhone 4S at the moment because it is the most moderate Apple smartphone product available currently, it lacks the slightly taller screen possessed by the iPhone 5 and has a few minor upgrades from the iPhone 4. Two of the biggest factors in making it the most possessed version of the iPhone right now is that it is a common ground between the desire to " Keep up with the Jones," and budget, a hefty $650 for a new iPhone 5. On top of those causes, I've yet to meet someone with the financial ability, or recklessness to abandon a $750(Original 4s price) phone with less than a year of use.
The 4s had its ups and downs with user opinions, one of the biggest complaints being the minimal difference between it and the plain old iPhone 4. The most significant difference being Siri, an intelligent(arguable as it may be) computer which takes input from your voice and creates an appropriate response in the form of an answer to a question, or an Internet search with your prompt. I must include that apple did do quite a good job when creating the voice recognition software, and many companies were soon to follow with upgrades in this area, and after some improvements upon the initial release of the software, it was a nice tool.
Now to the hardware, when observing the iPhone 4 and 4s side by side, the observable differences are next to none. In my research I found that there are actually less antennas on the 4s, from 4 on the iPhone 4 to 3 on the 4s, but no claim of reduced reception, that can be established as a trend. The antennas appear as small black strips on the silver band going around the outside of the phone. One plus to the hardware is a longer battery life, which, if smartphone savvy, is very appreciable. Also for the part time photographer, or disillusioned Instagramer, whatever the case may be the iPhone 4S has a leg up with 8 megapixels capable camera, 3 above the iPhone 4, and 1080p resolution at 30fps for videos, the iPhone 4 recorded 720p video. Now to put it simply, the iPhone 4s is better, the internal components are upgraded so that they process information faster, I could lecture on the different specifications but it would be a mind-numbing set of numbers that only speak to the other geeks out there. Just trust me, it is faster.
Now to talk about the iPhone 4s' successor, the not-quite-as-popular iPhone 5. Don't think that people don't stare in awe of the .58 inch taller screen, the iPhone 5 is the "best of the best" unless you are a Samsung fan, whom has multiple products with the upper hand in screen size(not resolution), but overall it has so little better than the iPhone 4s there is no way to justify paying hundreds of dollars upgrading. It has the same camera, processing capability, battery life, and a lighter, easier to break body.
It would be nice to have an iPhone 5, don't get me wrong, but with no incentive it's just a huge expense for what you get, and guess what, on September 13th 2013 the iPhone 5s is available to be reserved, along with the 5c.
If he had posted this a year ago about the Iphone 5, I might of understood but disagreed. The addition of LTE would justify getting the 5 last year over the 4S. This rant now is just showing more about him than the phones, IMO.