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Slick Wraps board series review


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Jan 11, 2011
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Slick Wraps Board Series For the iPhone 4

Back at you with another review of a Slick Wraps product this time its the Board Series full body skin. This is one of the most unique skins I have seen and by far one of the most impressive fitting skins I have reviewed. As a Skateboarder I think this case closely resembles a skate board and even feels like a read board, the back skin is a cut piece of grip tape to fit the back glass perfectly, the from and sides are a wood texture that is a light color and has a great feel. The package comes with the full body skin and a sticker from slick wraps, it also comes with a application card.

This skin is slightly different then most iPhone 4 full body skins. The back grip tape skin is much thicker then the average carbon or vinyl skin it is more like the thickness of the wrap sol or zagg protection kit. The sides and from wraps are a little bit thicker than vinyl skins but help with death grip and will protect from scratched and minor drops. With the thicker back skin on you will not be able to fit many bumper style cases on so you will have to just use the skin by itself which is fine with me because that is what it is designed for.

This skin can cause some small functionality problems, the grip tape back skin is pretty ruff, if you have never touched grip tape before its like sandpaper, this will catch while sliding into pockets and removing out of pockets. The material will grab some lint and loose material but is easily removed. The back skin will not leave any residue just like the rest of the wrap is residue free. All ports and covers are easily accessible and you wont have problems with those. The back skin being so thick and rigid I would no recommend using any cases with this skin set, it would take away from the whole board theme anyway.

The design of the skin is what impressed me the most. I have tested a few skin sets before and usually in the ones I have tested the antenna wrap is in three or more pieces which makes it harder to install and leave a lot of corners to catch in you pockets. Slick Wraps uses two pieces which makes installation easy and gives it a more complete design. The front skin was the same way, I have never used on because I didn't like two piece design on the front but once again slick wraps uses a one piece design which is very easy to install and give the theme a very complete look( I know other companies cut there wraps the same way I just haven't reviewed any yet). I even installed the front piece over my screen shield and it worked fine.The back skin is pretty thick so it will protect you phone better from drops and such, it has a nice camera cutout that will not interfere with pictures and a apple logo cutout.

Overall this full body Board Series wrap from Slick Wraps is nice. The every day business man probably will not like it but if your a parent with kids who skate board or a die hard skateboarder this wrap is for you. Slick Wraps also makes wraps for a world of other devices from cell phones to ps3, stop by the site and check it out slickwraps.com . you can get 20% off by entering SAVE20 in the promo area of the check out so stop by and pick some up they are a great deal for the price.

check out the link below for more detailed pictures, thanks for reading
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