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Forum Rules - Please Read!


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Jun 15, 2010
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Gold Coast Australia
Welcome to the iPhone Jailbreaking Section of the site. We have some specific rules which apply to this section which you should familiarise yourself with before posting!

Discussion of pirated or cracked applications and any methods associated with enabling their use, such as posting app or repository names, is forbidden on this forum. This also includes discussion of illegally obtaining media such as music, movies, games, or other copyrighted content.
Piracy is illegal and the staff of iPhoneForums.net neither condone nor support it in any way.

ROMS for nintendo, playstation and all other emulators are at best a grey area and therefore fall under the same category as piracy on these forums. No discussion on sourcing ROMS for emulators will be tolerated, although discussions about the emulators themselves is acceptable.

Links to upgrades for BETA software, including beta copies of IOS, are also forbidden.

Members who break our rules will be warned, have infractions issues against them, or will ultimately be banned, so please play by our rules!

NOTE - The rules above are a subset of our full rule list which should also be reviewed here


Happy hacking and jailbreaking folks! :)
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