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facelook.mobi back card for iphone 4


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Feb 28, 2011
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We are the founder and inventor of facelook back card for iphone4.
.We haven't officailly launched this product and
haven't made it public. This is a special and new concept of putting a
design on a phone. If you are interested please contact us.We will lauch
this product worldwide and do a lot of marketing. We are looking forward
to hear from you.

Best Regards
w w w . f a c e l o o k . m o b i

Place the facelook card at the back of your iPhone 4.
Next, use your existing clear case (plastic hard case or gel case) to clip
onto your iPhone 4.
Then the card will stay nicely and perfectly on the back of the phone,
there is no complicated installation step.
You will see the design appears clearly.
the facelook cards are reusable , change your backcard with your mood and
your style anytime.


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