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Review Lucky Labs REAL carbon back


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Jan 11, 2011
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REVIEW: Lucky Labs iPhone 4 Carbon Truskin
Its time for another review, this one will be on the Lucky Labs Truskin carbon back for the iPhone 4. This isn't your standard 3m vinyl skin, this is a true carbon fiber plate. The Carbon plate comes with a protective film across it and has a reusable 3m adhesive on the back so you can interchange different backs when ever you want. From expeirence with other carbon cases I was curious to see if the Truskin would effect the signal strength at all and I will get into that later.

The Lucky Labs Truskin is generally made for scratch protection. Carbon fiber is a very strong material and as I have experienced after dropping my phone the carbon plate will protect the back glass from a good sized drop. Paired with a good bumper the combo would be a great to keep your iPhone protected from the average mishap.

The Quality is great on the Truskin, very smooth edges with precise cutouts for the camera and flash that do not cause any flash washout. The design of the Truskin back is very simple, it doesn't include the cutout for the apple logo which I kinda like. The Lucky Labs Logo is in the bottom right corner, it is small and doesn't effect the look of the carbon. The only problem that I had is that after some use it will start to show scratches a little bit.

I just wanted to add that the thickness of the carbon back makes it a little difficult to use with cases. You will only be able to use it with bumper style cases and I even found it hard to use it with some of those. They work best with bumper cases that hug the outter edges of the iPhone like the aluminum bumpers(fusionwerkz, e13ctron, draco, apex armor). Paired with a Lucky Labs antenna wrap this would be a great minimal combo for protection and functionality.

Last but not least the reception portion of my testing. I live in a low reception area so I am ranging between 1 and 2 bars of service, my decibal reading also bounce around do to low service signal so you could see anywhere from a 5 to 7 decibal drop in signal. In strong signal areas you may see less or more signal drop, these are just tests in my area. Even with my low reception area gps was able to lock on to exact location pretty quickly.

Cell Tower
Naked 97db - 98db
Installed 102db - 103db

Overall the Lucky Labs Carbon Truskin is a great new edition to their line of products. You can pick on up at Lucky Labs Website for 25 dollars and as of now they are on sale for $19.99. Other then the reception loss I expeireced it is a great looking skin. Lucky Labs has some of the best customer service departments in the industry and in my own opinion some of the best customer service I have experienced.
Thanks Lucky Labs