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Facebook Launches New “On This Day” Feature in App


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Jun 18, 2010
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Facebook has started rolling out a new feature for its mobile apps and web version. The new feature is called “On This Day,” and is designed to spark nostalgia in users by showcasing content that has been posted on Facebook in the past, similar to Timehop.

According to AppleInsider, On This Day works by reviving photos, status updates and other similar content that you posted on the same day a year ago or more.

The feed is set to Private by default, but you can decide that you want to share individual posts with your friends or family.

You can also set notifications for posts in the feed, and you also have the choice to edit or delete content that you don’t want.

Facebook is currently rolling out On This Day in various countries, so some users around the world might not have it yet, but to find out if you do, simply use search, or click on a new bookmark. You might also notice On This Day items starting to appear in your News Feed.

Source: Facebook begins rolling out nostalgic On This Day feature to Web mobile app
Facebook just doesn't get it. The app doesn't need more useless garbage cluttering the display, or the code base, it already tries to do way too much to be useful. They must be taking clues from Microsoft.
They're trying to be everything to everybody and will end up being an unuseable mess.
They're trying to be everything to everybody and will end up being an unuseable mess.
Precisely! This always happens when the Jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none mode is engaged.
The whole business of updating the Facebook app every two weeks whether or not there's a need for an update sure contributes to the problem.