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Facebook Introduces News Feed Prioritization in its iOS App


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Jun 18, 2010
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AppleInsider writes that Facebook has started rolling out its new News Feed features via its iOS app. If you now check the app’s “More” menu, you’ll find that the News Feed Preferences tool should now be making it easier for you to unfollow people or pages so that you don’t have to look at their updates, but without actually defriending them.

Judging by the screenshots, the new feature is very clearly presented, displaying your contacts clearly via their profile photos. And by the same token, the new feature also makes it easy to refollow a profile that you’ve unfollowed, just in case they suddenly got interesting again.

As AppleInsider notes, this feature is not exactly new, as it was possible to do it before, but it was much more complicated previously, and could only be done via your profile or news post options.

One totally new feature has been introduced into the app, however, which is being able to choose which people and pages you want to prioritize, which was previously handled by algorithms. Now you get to “star” items in the News Feed’s prioritize option and you’ll also see posts from that account at the top of your News Feed.

Source: Facebook launches News Feed prioritization first via its iOS app