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Facebook Increases Size of Photos in Mobile App News Feed


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Jun 18, 2010
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The Verge reports today that Facebook is rolling out an updated version of the news feed feature in its iPhone web app, which now shows much bigger photo previews than the tiny thumbnail-type previews in the old version. The Verge says that the update is being done at the server, so users of the iOS app won’t have to update the actual app in order to benefit from the new-and-improved photos previews. As The Verge notes, these changes to the iOS and other mobile apps are part of a wider move by Facebook to spruce up its visuals, in particular how photographs are displayed on the site, following on from updating the picture viewer on the web version, as well as adding support for high-resolution photos up to 2048x2048. It’s possible that Facebook is being more influenced by Google+ than it’s prepared to admit, as this update to the Facebook news feed follows on from a similar change by Google+ just a few days ago.

Source: Facebook updates news feed with larger picture previews on iPhone, Android, and mobile web | The Verge

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