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Canabalt Update Imminent, But Beware the Clone


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Jun 18, 2010
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The Verge has a couple of news stories about classic iOS parkour game Canabalt. First up we have the good news, which is that according to the game’s creator, Adam Saltsman, via a post on his blog, a big update for the game is imminent. Saltsman says that rather than create a sequel to Canabalt, he has chosen to launch lots of new features with the upcoming free update, such as a two-person multiplayer mode, eight “hardcore” game modes, and achievements. Unfortunately there’s no date given for the appearance of the update, so we’ll just have to wait and see when it turns up.

Meanwhile, in a separate story, The Verge also warns fans of Canabalt not to be fooled by what it refers to as a “fake” version of Canabalt in the App Store. The fake game is being marketed by Picks Mano as Canabalt HD, which is Canabalt’s official name on Android, but not on iOS. The Verge says that it is a “working representation” of the official Canabalt game, possibly lifted from the free online Flash game. As The Verge says, it’s a wonder that this fake version of the official game has been allowed in the App Store at all (it’s still there at the time of writing), maybe Apple just didn’t realise what it was.

Click here to download Canabalt for $0.99: App Store - Canabalt

Source: 'Canabalt' iPhone update may include multiplayer mode, Game Center achievements | The Verge

PSA: Fake 'Canabalt' clone for iPhone and iPad in iTunes App Store | The Verge

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