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Don't forget to tag your threads


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May 27, 2010
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Just wanted to post a quick note letting all the new users know that we do support 'thread tagging' on the site here.

Thread tagging allows you to enter a few specific keywords on each thread you create so that it makes it easier for other users to either find your thread via tags or via the search.

If I were doing a new thread about the iPhone 4 locking up, I might use the tags:

iphone4, locking-up, lock up, iphone4 locking up

That's just an example, but please remember if you create a new thread try to tag it :)
Sorry, I don't understand? How do we add tags? Do we just put it in the message and it shows up automatically? Thanks

When you start a thread right below the text box is a line for tags/keywords.

TY Danny!

I guess I was looking for it when I was posting replies, I don't think I've started many (or any?) threads.

With the way threads can move on to other topics I thought we could tag replies, guess not. Thanks for clearing it up.