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CuteTag 1.7 Version Goes Online


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Nov 8, 2010
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CuteTag is initially designed as an efficient information organizer and useful tool for convenient navigation through personal data. Strong emphasis on making data exploring as easy as possible is the main thing that makes CuteTag so different from other note-capturing software.

New release of CuteTag offers several more features. Here is a short description of them:

- favorite tags option;
Now you can mark the most often used tags as Favourite and they will be placed at the top of tags list. To add a tag as Favourite you should click and hold the tag on the main screen and then choose the option Add to Favourite.
- Map of your data;
Now CuteTag offers a possibility to draw a map of your data based on your tags which allows to handle bigger amount of personal notes a lot easier than before.
- Possibility to combine range of tags;
Now you can combine any number of tags to narrow your search and make it even more enhanced.
- Swiping;
While searching in your records you shouldn’t return again to the whole list – just use swiping gesture to find the necessary record.
- file sharing;
Now you can drag and drop CuteTag files from iTunes to your computer to back up your data or simply copy a picture or an audiofile to view or listen to it on your computer.

What can be better than have all your info at your finger tips and have a possibility to handle it with maximum comfort? So why not let CuteTag manage your personal information?

iTunes link: CuteTag App
Web-site: CuteTag | iPhone, Android application for personal data visualization, note taking, ToDo, picture organizing | Thought Organizer, Business Card Keeper
FB page: CuteTag
Twitter: @CuteTag


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