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CuteTag New Update with Improved Data Navigation System is Out


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Nov 8, 2010
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Cutetag was planned as a tool with very convenient navigation through personal data. Cutetag developers contunue with their effort to make sure that your data never be lost in a vast ocean of information and always be at your fingertips.
The newest Cutetag release with an improved data navigation is already on the AppStore.
In previous versions it was possible to attach several tags to each note and then narrow the search by clicking on a particular tag. But the amount of personal data is always growing... Right now Cutetag user can select/unselect more than one tag while filtering records. Would you like an example? Let's say you have a hundred of records marked as NOTES, ToDo, Picture and Friends. Initially you might see all notes clicking on Notes button. But some notes might also be marked as Friends or Picture etc. Right now you can combine two tags while filtering records. That will allow to handle bigger amount of personal notes a lot easier than before.

The newest CuteTag is already on the AppStore:

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