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A cool app for Summer School


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May 25, 2012
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✱✱✱Class lecture Recorder ✱✱✱
Class Lecture Recorder is a learning style helps students to record lectures, speech, class discussing & homework assignment in school.
School can be a competitive atmosphere and the fast-paced nature of many classes can make it difficult to follow what instructor say. Class Lecture Recorder helps student to organize their notes and greatly improve student`s grade by giving a tool to past hardest class.
At beginning of semester, student can preset course title, ID or number and Instructor name for each class on their iPhone. Prior to beginning of class and lecture, Student can predefine tags for each class and let iPhone to record lecture.
During the recording, student can take photo copy of blackboard and labeling importance or problem with new tags in class.
To playback recording, all tags are dynamically displayed and student can add new or delete tag. This App remembers where is tag added and it can play to the specific time of recording right away.
The cool thing about class lecture recorder:
✱ The idea of app is from college fresh out and it fits layout of school life.
✱ Tap tags quickly and easily in class, manage tags after class.
✱ All recordings are listed under the specified course folder.
✱ Uploading and downloading recording file via email & Drop box.
✱ Support iTunes application file sharing and store your recorded files on your computer.
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later
It requires recording permission from the instructor in advance.
Record the lesson does not mean that you can switch off and not take notes.
View it at iTunes:
App Store - Class Lecture Recorder

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