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Mighty Notes - Powerful Note-Taking App for iPad


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May 18, 2012
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Mighty Notes turns your iPad into a powerful yet intuitively easy to use note-taking device. You can combine smooth handwriting with fast keyboard typing, import pictures and PDF files to annotate on, and export your notes to other apps or Dropbox. A built-in pasteboard that holds multiple drawn objects and text clips makes it a snap to reuse your work and improve productivity. Plus tons of other powerful features, all packaged into a clean and friendly interface.

* Smooth handwriting with customizable width and color
* Keyboard typing with customizable font and color
* Zoom view to easily write small fonts with perfect details
* Pasteboard holds up to 50 drawn objects and text clips to be quickly reused. Items are persistent even after you exit the app.
* Everything can be repositioned and resized
* Palm guard to rest your wrist against when writing
* Record up to 30 minutes of audio for each note
* Unlimited undo and redo for every action
* Unlimited pages for each note
* More than 20 backgrounds to choose from
* Configurable auto-saving

* Import pictures and PDF files from your iPad album or the Mighty Notes document folder
* Open pictures and PDF files directly from other apps
* Export notes as PNG, JPEG or PDF to the Mighty Notes document folder or to other apps
* Sync the Mighty Notes document folder with Dropbox
* Email notes as PNG, JPEG or PDF
* Print notes

* Use tags to organize notes into logical groups
* Sort notes by name, date or tags
* Search notes by name and description

Available on the App Store


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thats a nice app, try also notability at 99cent. :)

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