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Do iphone 3g/3gs accessories work with iphone 4?


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Jun 15, 2010
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I have bundles of iphone chargers, docks etc and am wondering what will work with iphone 4. Any ideas? (I know the cases won't fit, but how about other things?)

Good question I feel the answer is yes for most as apple updated the iPhone, iPod touch and nano last year changing the charging method At that time some older accessories would not charge. I believe if your accessory works and charges the iPhone 3GS then the new iPhone 4 should be fine as I am unaware of any hardware changes at this time. In saying that I own a parrot MKi9200 in car system which I use for my iPhone 3GS Fully integrated hands free with separate control over playlists. This product is a little touchy with upgrades and may not work 100% with iPhone 4 until they issue an upgrade. I will write a review on then Parrot once we actually can get the iPhone 4 in Australia which is around late July at this time. I suggest if considering purchasing any accessory that you try the iPhone 4 in the unit before parting with your money

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I think we are going to have to wait until the companies say the products will work with the new iPhones.

I have a Memorex alarm clock radio with iPod dock on top and it works with the iPod Touch and 5th Gen iPod just fine but doesn't work with my Brother's iPhone 3G. It will charge it but doesn't play music from it.
i think so yes well obviously the cases wont but i think every one knows that lol, the rest like ear phones the leads are the same, but well see
Many of the sites I visited specify which accessories work with the iphone 4 and cases seem to be labeled for which phone they are for but haven't seen that labeling for other items yet. Guess its wait and see.
yes, i should of asked apple when i rang. but i assume so since the other iphones where all the same
Docks, you can usually make them fit if you trim some plastic, thats what I did with my iPhone 2G dock(haha remember when they came with your phone).

Most chargers should, car chargers can sometimes suck though.
The TomTom GPS Car Adapter for the 3G, 3GS does not work with the iPhone4. TomTom is aware of the problem and is 'working to solve the issue.' No comittment on when.
So far since ive had mine, the charger's work and headphones. Almost anything that plugged into the bottom of the phone on my 3g works with the iPhone 4
regardless whether you have iphone 3g or iphone 4 or any other iphone, you may find these iphone 3gs accessories(here at Fones.com) applicable on your iphone. There you can find many applicable iphone accessories coz I have an iphone 3gs but cases and other stuff can well be fitted and applicable on other iphone models.
Iphone 4 has the same multifunction headphones which are included in the previous models, so nothing to worry about the accessories it is the case which cant be used with the Iphone 4, because Iphone 4 is thinner then the previous ones.
For charger,output current for iphone 3G and 3GS is 500mA,while for iphone4 is 1A. Output voltage is the same,5V.