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Jul 19, 2011
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I am looking for some Verizon iPhone 4 accessories. I am hoping that someone on here can help me or give me some advice. First and foremost, I am looking for the best "battery case" (the kind that have an external battery that doubles your phone's battery life). That being said the size of the case also a factor. This is because the second accessory I am looking for is a car mount. I would like to be able to mount the dock to the dashboard, rather than the windshield. Preferably a model similar to the design of the Arkon Mini Friction Dashboard Mount. I would like it to have as many of my desired features as possible. First, it needs to be able to hold my phone while it is "wearing" the battery case. Ideally I'd like to be able to have some sort of speaker phone feature where the call would be played through the car's speakers (but if this isn't possible, I can settle for a traditional speaker phone). I would like it to be able to charge the phone, if possible, but I don't want that feature to increase the price of the dock by more than the cost of a car charger (which if the dock doesn't charge, it needs to be able to have a charger attached while docked). Additionally, I would like to be able to play music through the radio as well. As I understand it there are two common ways this is achieved. Through an FM transmitter or through an audio cable. I don't have a plug in my stereo for the audio cable but that is still my preferred method. So, I'd like a recommendation on the cheapest easiest way to get one installed. I'd prefer to not have to replace my entire stereo system to do so (I have a built in navigation and no extra din to install a new unit...I think it might be very very expensive to get a brand new system with navigation and audio cable etc)...sorry I know I have a laundry list of wishes...but I hope someone can help...thanks very much


Feb 27, 2011
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Vallejo, Ca
As far as the battery pack you could try the mophie juice pack but I wouldnt know anything about a mount

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