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Cydia download froze on me


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Oct 13, 2010
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I'm downlading an app on Cydia and it was going to take a while so I left it on my desk and after locking, I unlocked it to see its progress, expecting it to finish since it was a third done in a minute, and it hasn't moved at all. It's stuck at around 1/3 done, and I don't see a way to cancel it, what do I do from here to cancel or restart the download?
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This happened to me I just cancelled it and retried. After that worked great.
The one I was downloading was free though, I'm unsure about purchased ones.
how do you cancel a download? I'm just at a black screen that says "running" on the top and a blue download bar on the bottom. There is nothing to touch, no cancel or back button or anything.
Try restarting you device then that should do it. Then redownload what ever it was
I was afraid of doing that, just jailbroke the thing and I'm still kind of afraid of messing around with it too much but thanks for the advice, it's all good now