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Cydia Cycorder


Sep 2, 2010
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I downloaded Cydia Cycorder to my JB'd iP4. The icon is now on the springboard but when I touch it the screen very briefly goes black then right back to the springboard. The program does not launch.
What is the problem here?
same here.i downloaded the cycorder to my iphone4..it was installed already but i encounter the same problem..it goes black and back to the springboard..pls advised us what to do to enable us to use and enjoy it...regards
my god people cycorder is so you can record VIDEOS why would you need it on the iphone 4 it already records videos @ 30 fps and cycorder is 15fs i cant think for the life of me why you would need it? :S
Easy there Palio. There are thousands of apps that would beg the question "Why do you need that" when, in fact, we don't NEED any of them. And there are lots of apps that do similar things so we download them to see which is better. Many apps do something better than the original iphone apps, or at least they claim to. Why do you think it's so bad to want to check out something that looks interesting? Besides, the descriptions on many JB apps usually don't give much information. Cycorder should clearly say in the description "Not compatible with iPhone 4."
i used to love cycorder, up until i got the iphone 4 that has 30 frames per second video ;p as apose to cy corder that is 15 frames per second. its really not needed for the iphone 4.