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Springboard crashes when removing cydia apps


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Feb 11, 2012
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I have recently jailbreak by iPhone 4S using absinthe 0.4.

Just tried to install few apps and errors as below

- installed dreamboard and all was ok but I didn't like it so removed it and was to restart springboard and when clicked it hang i.e. crashed. Pressed home and power and turned off and turned on and got apple message that iPhone springboard crashed and running in a safe mode or restarted and all was working fine.

- installed vlc player and OpenSSH and tried to restart and once restarted at lock screen the springboard keeps on restarting in continues loop and had turn off using power and home and removed vlc and OpenSSH. It is working fine.

- Today I installed cookie app to save unlock ticket and once saved successfully then and remove the app and on return to cydia the phone hang and restart and it returned to safe mode and restarted springboard and it is working fine now.

Is this normal with the apps or unstable jailbreak?

Please advise ?
It is very much normal. Cydia's mobile substrate adds this safe mode feature to your device to prevent random crashes caused by much buggy cydia programs. Even my iPhone crashes when I'am composing a message and another message comes in between. ! Happens.
Thanks for reply.

I don't see any existing apps crashing the springboard or hanging. This only happens when I remove the apps using cydia and when restarting or returning to cydia button.

Can this be a bug in Cydia ?

I am running cydia 1.1.6, is this the latest version?