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Jailbreak removed randomly


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Aug 4, 2011
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Ok so here's my dilemma, my springboard crashed last night sometime. Me not being fully awake just hit okay on the box that pops up. Well I leave for work this morning and see that ye springboard is still in safe mode. So I turn my phone off and restart it. I get to work and go to use it and realize all my jailbroken tweaks are gone. Try to open cydia and nothing.

I have an iphone4 running 5.1.1 I was jailbroken untethered on absinthe.

Any help to let me know what went on will be greatly appreciated.

After hitting okay and before turning your phone completely off, you should've re-boot/restarted the phone instead. Similar to a tethered Jailbreak, if your jailbroken device is in safe mode and you completely turn it off then turn it back on, your jailbreak data is lost. I would recommend using another version of Absinthe if you jailbroke your iPhone using an earlier version. Chances are they fixed a few kinks that popped up with the later Absinthe updates. If you can, back up your device through iCloud, restore and re-jailbreak.

HOWEVER if you have MobileTerminal, we can avoid it all assuming it's still working.
Something like this happened to me yesterday as well... I had downloaded a theme that was out of date for my device and it crashed my springboard... so after I went and removed the theme from my phone I then respring and then turned springboard off under my winterboard settings... then it looked as is the most of my tweaks were gone as well but all I had to do was enable the tweaks again and reset them the way I wanted... So would it have been possible that maybe you had loaded a tweak or theme that was outdated for your device??? If so then I would make sure it wasn't reloaded to keep this from happening again...
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Well I guess I was in luck! After using the phone for a while not being jailbroken, I just do happened to do a hard re-boot to my device. When it re-booted the phone was in jailbroken form just as it were before the springboard crash.

I greatly appreciate your help. Although not used, your advice will be surely noted for future issues.
Well I'm glad everything turned out ok... nomoneydm... :)