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Oct 4, 2011
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What colour will you go for?
I thought Gold at first but now I'm thinking Silver.
At first I was also likeing the Gold, but now I'm not to sure which color. I think I will wait and see which one I want when I see them in person. The Space Gray looks smooth with flowing lines and it would look very nice with a Black AppleWatch....SMILE
I thought Gold at first but i think I'm decided on Silver, I like the Silver on my iPad Air.
There you go. Gracias. Although, after watching the video this morning, I'm kinda diggin' the gold/white combo...
I like that too, I keep going back and forth between Silver and Gold.
Silver. Simply because I hate the space grey look personally. It'd be awesome if silver and black were coupled together!
Space gray. Ive had white 5 and 5s and I'm going black this time since this reminds me of the 3GS and I think the 6 looks gorgeous in black!
Have you seen the neat animation of the iPhone 6 in the Apple online store in the Apple Store app? You can spin it around with your finger.:)