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Can't Talk On Phone- Other Person Can't Hear Me


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Aug 24, 2010
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So I'm not able to speak into my phone! i tried to set up my voice mail and when i speak into my phone it doesnt hear me

i tested this by calling my house and trying to leave a message on the machine and stilll no luck

what am i doing wrong? is there something i need to set in the settings?
My iPhone 4 is "75 days out of warranty." That from the tech at Apple store. I could hear people but they couldn't hear me. Apple wasn't going to replace my phone. Voice memo worked, Skype, etc. One forum thread mentioned that the headphone jack (people could hear me with the headphone hands free plugged in) might have debris in it.

I fired up my canned compressed air and blew out the headphone jack (and every other orifice). Works fabulous, now. Thanks. Hope it works for you.