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Can't hear callers...help


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Jul 12, 2010
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Birmingham, AL
Wife just got a new iPhone4 and when she makes or receives calls, she can't hear the person on the other end. I can hear her just fine, but she can not hear anything. If you put it on speakerphone, you can hear the caller, but not if you are using it like a standard phone.
Am I missing a setting?
Please help...I am hoping that it's not a bad phone that will need to be returned.
I would restore it thru iTunes. But if it's still silent it probably a defective speaker.
She just got it today...do you think that will help? It's not like she could have changed anything.
Tried restore, and it didn't work...I guess I will return it tomorrow. :(

Sounds like a plan. That's a pain tho..
Took it back to the AT&T store and they confirmed it was the phone's speaker. Swapped it out with no questions asked and ported all the info onto her new one. Very painless and the service was extraordinary.

Thanks for trying to help.