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Can't send or receive emails to / from my work, but can get emails from Hotmail, etc.

The Dude

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Jan 16, 2013
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Hi Everyone,

I have setup an Exchange Active Sync email account on my iPhone 5 (for my work). Strangely I am able to send and receive emails to all addresses other than my works (e.g.: myself and my colleagues)!

For example if my email address were [email protected], I am not able to receive or send emails to [email protected]. According to the I.T. Department what I am experiencing 'Isn't even possible!'. However I swear that I am able to receive emails from other places, like my wife's Hotmail account.

If anybody has any ideas about what may be happening on my phone please contribute. If I don't fix this with the help of this forum I am going to need to post my phone to my work's I.T. Department, and I will be without a phone for up to a week.

Kind Regards,