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Hotmail users QUESTION


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Dec 6, 2010
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I currently have my hotmail set up on my iphone4 as "other"... my emails are not deleted off the server which is exactly what I wanted... however, I hate how the emails dont automatically come through immediately once received on the hotmail server.

If I set up my hotmail account throught the "microsoft exchange" will my email automatically come through as soon as they are received on the hotmail server? Is there a way I can set this setup to not delete from server?

I was kinda hoping for a set up like my blackberry (I love my iphone so much more so if I cant then I will deal with it). My hotmail email would automatically upload to my phone as soon as its received in the hotmail server. If I open an email it shows as open on the hotmail server. I could choose to delete from server and phone, or delete just from phone.

Can I do this at all?
Good questions. I'm rather new at this, but I set up my iPhone and Hotmail accounts using the Exchange service. It works very well for me -- just like the Outlook 2007 client on my desktop PC. It synchs in real time on the Hotmail server and the iPhone, and the messages stay on the server unless I choose to delete from the phone.
I've tried the "other" option you wrote about, and it didn't work nearly as well as the Exchange. In any case, this is my experience. Yours may vary!!
Good luck.
I suppose it wont hurt if I delete my "other" hotmail account and set it all up as microsoft exchange then... I hope anyway... I may try it...
im not sure how....but my hotmail comes to the phone and it only deletes from the phone....they never delete from the server

i found it under settings,choose the account/advanced/delete from server
theres your options
Did you turn on "Push" which will "push mail to you when received? It works on my yahoo mail. I would think it will work the same way for hotmail.
I have my hotmail set up on other. As already said you can turn 'push' on from the mail settings menu and you will get your emails straight away. However this will decrease your battery life.

There is the option of deleting them from the phone and server but I cant remember where...
You can have it set up like that or set up so that it doesn't. It's up to you...
I still cant figure out how to set up my email on here it live.ca and I go to other and put I'n my info but then it says incoming and outcoming mail server user name and password and I don't know what to put....