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Can't copy files directly to iphone and get them to show up in the photos app


Jan 18, 2012
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I posted this in the sister ipad forum, but have gotten no answers.

MY Ipad and Iphone are both Jailbroken and have pc networking installed. Using Openssh from my pc, I appeared to delete photos from the Iphone photo directory:


ssh and explorer view did not show any pictures, but the iphone photo app still showed the camera roll album with the same pictures. I know what I tried to delete were the same photos as I viewed them on my pc. I then copied over 2 pictures from my Ipad photos directory:

filesystem\var\mobile\Media\DCIM\100APPLE - to the iphone photo directory

I see them in windows, but the Iphone pictures app still only shows the original pictures.

I am a pretty clever guy, but apple is doing something I can't figure out what is going on here.

WFT is going on here?!
Download PicsAid to your computer and use it to upload pictures to your iPhone camera roll or transfer pictures from your camera roll to another location. You can also try phone view if you are using OS X.
I guess it need you to reload on that photos app when you add the photos to iphone.
Thanks for the advice. I can always get the photos into my Itunes Library and Sync the recommended way. I prefer to hack it out and copy the files directly. It bothers me that I haven't figured out Apple's system yet. I see the issue. In this directory:


These files:


Are associated with picture names. If I can figure out how to edit the files to reference new photo's, I can directly copy pictures.
I tried reloading, respringing and rebooting. This did not get the photos to load.
GOT it!!

Found the instructions here, although I had to find files in a different directory:

How to Transfer photos from PC to iPhone's Camera Roll??

First, navigate to:




Then, navigate to:




Then, reload photos, and all files in filesystem\var\mobile\Media\DCIM\100APPLE are shown in camera roll when next opening photos.

I have hacked and won!
There is one unresolved issue. Where were the cached pictures stored after I deleted them? They did show in the camera roll until I deleted the other files. I don't need the info now, but would be nice for completion.
dragon499 said:
There is one unresolved issue. Where were the cached pictures stored after I deleted them? They did show in the camera roll until I deleted the other files. I don't need the info now, but would be nice for completion.

This is because all information is what we call "cached" into the phone. It's like being stored in virtual memory, some images will show, even when they are deleted....but they won't stay. Your photo situation is a ill different because it had more dependencies to actually view the photos(hence the files ya had to delete).

For example, I always install biteSMS after a fresh restore. But I hate the ugly pink icon. I have my own set of icons that replace "all" pink icons, to the standard green messages icon, except it has like a bite in the speech bubble in the icon.

Any way, I drag my "bite icons folder" into my phones raw file system with i-FunBox, then I find the folder in iFile, enter it, tap edit, select every image, and copy them all simultaneously. Then I go the the biteSMS folder in /Applications, tap edit, ten tap paste. After that every single icon is changed to a Green modified messages icon. Except one icon....and that's the main springboard icon.

The springboard icon will remain the pink biteSMS icon even tho it is completely deleted(well, overwritten actually but the same thing really). After a few resprings, (usually after installing something from Cydia, that always does it) the icon will finally change to the icon I replaced it with.

It never changes instantly because that icon is deeply "cached" into the files memory..... And a few restarts/resprings, or whatever the system finally says...."oh wait...that icon is gone now, time to use what's actually there" or something like that.

I'm not a computer wiz or nothing, and most certainly not a developer for iOS, but this is something I do I understand......I just explain it horribly..........sorry. Hope ya got the gist tho.lol
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