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Can i roll back my ipone from 4.0.2 to 4.0.1?


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Aug 31, 2010
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When i got my ipone it was at 4.0.1. I did the jailbreak and also said yes to the bit where it says "make my life easier" which i think means it may has saved my shsh blobs. However after installing an app the phone stuck at the apple logo and i was forced to re-install the OS which was now 4.0.2. I want to re jailbreak my phone but am not sure if i can. Can i check to see if my shsh blobs are on file somehow? Then if they are can somebody point me in the direction of a how to roll back the os.

Use the search function, there is several threads about this on this site
I have, cant find anything. Maybe im searching for the wrong things.
got to youtube search (down grade 4.0.2 firmware to 4.0.1 ) the videos on there will show you how. hope this helps
Regards Mike
got to youtube search (down grade 4.0.2 firmware to 4.0.1 ) the videos on there will show you how. hope this helps
Regards Mike

that doesnt work anymore, because apple has stopped signing the firmware, unless you have it saved with umbrella then you might have a chance but if not then i guess you got to wait till 4.1 comes out if the jailbreak is what you are looking for
Yes you can if you loaded your SHSH files on Saurik's server on Cydia while your phone was on the 4.0.1 software you can basically restore your phone from the server.
Guys there is no way you can downgrade you can downgrade iphone 4 from 4.0.2 to 4.0.1. I have tried it like five times which ended up with failure. The downgrade could only work on 3GS, 3G iphone and 2G ipod models. Just wait for the release 4.1 then we can get back to business...
READ AND LEARN PEOPLE. Since you did save your shsh with cydia, you can downgrade. I repeat, you can downgrade. Just make sure that your host files on your computer are changed so that when you choose to restore to 4.0.1 on itunes, it will ask saurik's servers instead of apple's.

To you people who say it cant be done. Youre doing it wrong.
Yes. If you have managed to save your shsh files in cydia. It will work. But there is one particular message that shows Pending TSS when i click on make my life easier in cydia. However i did try an alternative by using tiny umbrella. I have made a mistake by not saving my shsh files into cydia under the selection menu. By then it was too late. Nevertheless 4.1 firmware is around the corner.