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Dec 6, 2010
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I originally decided to get the iPhone4 for the 5MP camera... I never have my camera with me but there always seems to be something I need a camera for... so I waited and got the iPhone4.... I havent had very good quality photos with my iPhone4 yet and I read online something about it only taking 2MP... is this true and if so, how can I get it to take 5MP quality photos?
It's a 5 mega pixel camera as advertised. I have imported them into Adobe Photoshop and is says they are 5 mega pixels.
Do you think maybe just my indoor photos are bad quality? I suppose I haven't taken too many outdoor photos yet
Hi FunkatronJive,

I have a 16GB iPhone 4 and experiencing the same problem with the camera resolution. Were you able to find out the reason why your camera was taking 2MP (JPEG) pictures? It's supposed to be 5MP!

My husband has the 32GB version and his camera does take 5MP shots in .png format.

I hope its just a setting issue, and not a manufacturing problem. Waaaaaa, I wanna cry!!!

Ok, I guess it's all clear now for me. This is what happens: the size of the file in MB is not equivalent to the MP of the picture. So a 5MP picture might have a file size of 2MB (usually 2.2 to 2.8MB depending on how much light the picture has...more light means more MB). Note: a 5MP will have a 2MB size if it is in JPEG format, but it in PNG format it might be larger than 6MB.
Hope this helps.
Funk..... the iPhone 4 does have a fine camera, but the trick is to Hold Steady!! That makes a huge difference in quality. There are a few camera apps in the Apple Store that you may try, some have a "stability" function and selectable focus areas. These can make for excellent pics.