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big boss tweak?


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Nov 16, 2013
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Another icon question, before I decided to just go in through winscp to change my icons, I saw this, its called “foldericons” by bigboss tweaks, I installed it, when my phone resprang, I went into settings and tried to open the app, it flashed like it was gonna open but then went to the apple screen, when my phone came back up, I lost my sounds and wallpaper, so I went right in and removed it. Has anyone else used this app? I have a 4s on 6.1.3. everything I have done is just made my own sounds and a slider button. After this app failed, that’s when I went in and changed the icons to the ones I made with winscp. They all changed fine, only the mail, clock, maps, weather, and calendar would not change, I over wrote the original png’s and when I resprang they were the same. Kinda weird. I still need to know where they keep the settings, and photos and some other icons that are not kept in the applications folder. Any help would e awesome ? thank you

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