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Best Buy Appointment Call


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Jun 17, 2010
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Has anyone received their call from Best Buy to let you know when you can get your iP4 and have it set up? If so, does this make it so you don't have to stand in line or is there a separate line for us?. Also, is there anything else that other BBuy pre-order'ers should know from your experience?

I haven't gotten the phone call yet but talked to a friend that works at my Best Buy in the mobile area. He didn't have a list with what order we pre-ordered them in. All the papers were in a manilla folder and he found mine in the middle of the pile. He said I have a good chance of getting one. Then I asked when will they make calls to make appointments, and he said either Wednesday or Thursday morning.
I got my call today around 3:15. But she said my store isn't making appointments and it is first come first serve. If you pre-ordered that is your ticket in the door, and they will open at 8am for the iPhone release. And she suggested getting there early because people will be lining up. So I plan to get there at the latest 7.

But on other forums I am seeing that it is up to the Best Buy location on what to do. And some have a pre-order list. And are actually doing it in order. But I'm glad my store isn't doing it order because I placed my pre-order in the afternoon around 4.
Ok, sounds like what I was told at my local BBuy today as well. The guy in the mobile dept. said they are just waiting for instructions from the manager and are still planning to call everyone. So far he said being told they will have phone for everyone that pre-reserved on the first day. He wasn't able to explain how it was going to work very well- it's not an appointment to come at a specific time, but it's supposed to stop the store from being overloaded by everyone coming at the same time...hmmm

Oh well, I'm not in a big city and we still have 2 BBuys, plus 2 AT&T stores, 3 Radio Shacks and an Apple store, so I'm guessing it won't be too bad no matter how they do it.

Thanks for the reply anyway!
Now it looks like the phone call I got yesterday was wrong. I just called today to double check the call I got yesterday and now they are doing appointments and I won't be getting it tomorrow. Maybe the next shipment...
i thought best buy where going to have them on the 29th, or is that atee and tee
The 29th could be the next shipment date. The AT&T store in my mall didn't even get iPhones today. He said their release day is going to be the 29th. So I'm hoping Best Buy gets some around then too.