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Best Bumper Case For Verizon iPhone?


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May 14, 2011
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What is the best bumper case for the VZW iPhone that is,

1. Pretty thin, doesn't make the iPhone feel that thicker.
2. Under $35.
3. Doesn't cover the back.
4. Has a sort of front or back lip.
5. Is good looking and is good quality.

It's a lot of stuff but I'd really appreciate it if you could recommend me some bumpers. Thanks.
doesent cover the back? maybe a bumper would do you, it just covers the metal bit of the phone
Why don't you try getting a skin guard? It's like a back cover skin for your iPhone4. I know SGP carries good quality laptop cover skins. I bought one for my MacBook few months back, and I've seen them have for iP4s as well from Cretouch store website.
I have the Apple iPhone Bumper that they have on the Apple website but beware of getting any color besides black. The colored ones seem to get very dirty and there is no way to get them clean. I stumbled across this bumper case and it looks awesome and does the same thing.

Reveal Frame - for iPhone 4, black/clear - Griffin Technology

Keeps the Apple design while adding protection.
I have the reveal it's clear in the back I wouldn't notice it and white bumpers I love it w My white iPhone :)