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iPhone 4 Bumper for £2.98 can't be bad - right?


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Aug 2, 2010
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So I was looking around eBay for a bumper for my iPhone 4 just cos I like the look of them. My nearest Apple Store is all out and I really don't want to wait the 5 weeks or whatever Apple are quoting to get my free one.

I did some searching and found this listing.

BLACK BUMPER CASE FOR APPLE IPHONE 4 4G + FREE P & P! on eBay (end time 25-Aug-10 22:39:09 BST)

I figured that for under £3.00 with free P + P, I couldn't go wrong. Ordered it 3 days ago, it arrived today.

Very pleased. Almost identical to the Apple version.

Just thought I'd share it seeing as I know a lot of my friends want bumpers but can't get them.

Thanks guys - peace. xo

(Image from the listing:)

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You do know the bumper is useless for protecting your phone from a real drop?
I don't have 1 but it doesn't look like it would give much protection.