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Battery drain

Little Girl

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Sep 2, 2010
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Hey , it is normal battery drain issue yesterday night i charged my phone locked and went to sleep in morning i saw battery points are low my phone has been jailbroke with ultrasnow i dont have much apps
well when you jailbreak it, the battery drain will be a little faster, when i dont charge my phone over night i get about 10% loss of my batter for instance 90% then in the morning around 80%, just how high was your battery % and how much did it drop by?
Think she means that she had it docked and charging over night....
My wife's battery has been draining twice as fast as mine with similar use and will not charge to 100% when charged all night so we went by the Apple store Friday. The rep ran a diagnostic test on the battery and it did not show any discrepancies so they had us restore the phone to the original settings and try it to see if the battery drain was software related. I spoke to an Apple rep today and he said to bring the phone in for a replacement since the restore did not work and the battery is still draining 40-50% with no apps being used and minimal talk and 3G use for about 2 1/2 hours. We didn't jailbreak the phone so we didn't have any issues with the warranty.