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AT&T Running Out of Black iPhone 4, Preparing for iPhone 5?


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May 27, 2010
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Austin, TX

If you are curious enough to access AT&T’s website, you can see with you own eyes and the carrier is running out of black iPhone 4 devices.
White iPhone 4 units and black iPhone 4 which have been refurbished are still available for purchase, but it appears that AT&T has not brought any new black iPhones. Could it be that they are making room for a new smartphone, maybe for the fifth-generation iPhone?

Consumers must be really confused by all these contrary rumors which say the next iPhone could be launched in this month, or in September or even next year. Clearly, nobody really knows when Apple’s fifth-generation smartphone will become available, but they all like to come up with fancy predictions.

The only one that can cast a light on these rumors is Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs. Keep your fingers crossed that he announces the good news of an iPhone 5 release at WWDC next week.

Nevertheless, the situation is indeed strange because Apple would never let its biggest US carrier with dry stocks.
Delivery issues, a new product is on its way or is it just a marketing strategy Apple has come up with to increase consumers’ curiosity about the upcoming WWDC event?

By Radu Tyrsina
Source: iPhonedownloadblog.com