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Apple puzzed at how phone works under activation lock! Proof of Purchase submitted...


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Apr 29, 2014
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Hi , so heres my story.

I bought an Apple iPhone 5C in Pink for my mother as she's never had the luxury of owning an expensive phone and she recently recovered from cancer, so I wanted to treat her. I saw a phone advertised in my local newspaper for £380.00 with 7 months Apple Warranty. I thought it would be perfect for her.
I bought the phone and it worked fine, i created an Apple ID for the phone for my mother and even downloaded her some apps. At this time the phone was running on ios 7.04. Therefore I did a update to ios 7.1.1. Once I did this upgrade I noticed the phone was crashing alot and also the screen non responsive often. I therefore contacted Apple who booked me a genius appointment. When it got to diagnosing my phone..the genius bar apple worker could not diagnose my phone. When he rang Applecare they said there is '2 icloud accounts' linked to the same device. He then told me it was likely the previous owner had not turned off find my iphone and wiped the device properly so thus Apple would not replace the handset even though the problems seen had suggested a hardware fault. I did not kick off as I was more shocked as to how there could be another Apple ID attached to the account.
So I decided to email the woman I bought the phone off and ring her. Surprisingly she did not answer although a few days later I got a text from her saying that she could confirm I purchased the phone and as far as she was concerned she did turn 'find my iphone off' but she wasn't willing to help further. I explained the situation and after a lot of pressure of involving authorities and re-iterating the situation i asked her if she would icloud log in. Unfortunately she said she did not remember the password and she had not put genuine details in at the time of signing upto iCloud and creating an Apple ID. Therefore I asked her to confirm all this in a email and also send me the proof of purchase for the device. She did this. I then contacted Apple Support and explained the whole situation..they told me to send them my proof of purchase and the emails. I have done this and was told that Apple would have someone call me in the morning regarding the situation. At 8am today i got a call from a 'senior advisor' at apple and he asked me for all the purchase information, the date and where etc. I was told that at the end of the phonecall I woud hear within 48 hours if Apple were able to remove the other iCloud account so I could actually use my warranty and the device without the fear it was activation locked. I did a IMEI check and it revealed the phone was not stolen or reported lost, which was good and submitted this to Apple too. Now I feel i have been in a huge battle as a innocent consumer here..and today I'm told that this 'activation information' goes in the form of a ticket to a specialist department. I just wondered if anyone has been in my situation before and if so..were they successful? If Apple don't help me then I am stuck and left out of pocket and with a iPhone thats useless. What's worse is..I did a wipe of the phone and oh dear..i am now at the dreaded activation screen :( BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER..working iphone..is now NOT WORKING..
Something I learned a looooong time ago from "The Brady Bunch"... caveat emptor, let the buyer beware. It unfortunately sounds like you are stuck in a situation where you didn't do your homework and have paid a lot of money for a glorified paperweight. "got a text from her saying that she could confirm I purchased the phone and as far as she was concerned she did turn 'find my iphone off' but she wasn't willing to help further" tells me she's not being honest and probably has no idea what "find my phone" is. It may well have been her phone to sell but I bet it wasn't hers... My 14 y/o daughter has almost had her phone sold off on her as she is so disrespectful, dishonest and irresponsible with it and I can guarantee that my wife would have no idea how to "turn find my phone off". EVERY time she logs into her iTunes account she asks me what her password is... I always tell her I don't have a clue. It could well be an innocent situation but, unless you get the authorities involved, I'd bet you're going to end up with a £380.00 paperweight. Sorry...