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Photos won't restore from iCloud


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Oct 3, 2016
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My mum upgraded her iPhone to a 5s, so I sold her 4s on eBay for her.

Unfortunately I forgot to delete her data from the phone. The person who bought it emailed to ask for the code to access the phone and messaged to say it had all her photos and messages and my mum replied sorry please delete these.

But the phone was logged into my mums iCloud and deleted it from her new phone, I then removed my mum's old phone from Find My iPhone and changed her password.

I went to reset the iPhone from a previous backup but every back up I've tried doesn't restore the photos, all apps are restored and all contacts etc but not photos

She's never connected her phone to a computer so I don't have that option either. Is there anyway I can get her photos back? There are some of my late father which cannot be replaced so any advice is appreciated! :)

J. A.

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Oct 26, 2014
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Apetlon, Austria
Welcome to iPhoneForums!

If they were removed from the other iPhone while it was still connected to her iCloud account, they are gone. Sorry! There's no way to get them back. A backup to iCloud or iTunes doesn't contain the images, because they are synced by iCloud.

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