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Apple deliberately breaks iPhone, how to fix


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Jan 26, 2015
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i have an iPhone 4 that is still running iOS 5.0.1 which i jailbroke years ago and it always worked well. then, suddenly, some time ago, maybe around the launch of iOS 7, the performance of the phone just tanked. apps started taking forever to load and, once they did load, they were choppy and unusable. well i have been putting up with this for quite some time now, and i want to know if anyone out there knows how exactly Apple pushes out this exploit and how i can undo it? the phone is jailbroken and i can SSH into it for full control of the device, so there must be a way to undo this exploit....
Despite what you may believe, Apple has not and is not sabotaging the performance of your iPhone 4. Your performance problems are much more likely to be a combination of of the almost 4 year old iOS version and what's running on your jailbroken phone. Maybe one or more jailbroken tweaks or apps is responsible for the poor performance of your iPhone 4. You could try removing them one at a time until you find the one that's causing the problem.

If this doesn't help, you may want to consider updating to the latest version of iOS 7, which is jailbreakable with Pangu.
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no its definitely not the apps, because even the built-in Maps app and Safari have poor performance... none of those apps have been updated because they come with the OS... and other apps that i've had forever and haven't updated also suffer huge performance decreases. i haven't installed any new apps, official or jailbroken... the phone has been pretty much the same since i jailbroke it years ago and it was running great then.