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anyone into cars?


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Aug 30, 2010
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New York
so im on car forums a lot and was just wondering if anyone here are into cars? and if you drive one, you can share some pics of your ride. heres mine:




no car is as beautiful as this one


when i go to italy next year i am going to hire one for the weekend :D even though it will cost about 6000 euros do to so, it will be well worth it!!!!

@ bknewtype very nice lexus, they are very expensive cars, you must be rich. i have a crap car atm but hope to buy a jaguar XF in the next year
danny your solistice is hawt, ever since i saw transformers i fell in love with that car

and that ferrari is balling!

and DUDE!!!! my car is not a lexus!!!! its an infiniti g35 LOL

the new jaguar XF is pretty nice, its huge!
you all have nice cars. mine is too crap to even post a pic of it lol... its a mercedes c class from 2001
2001 C class. That is class indeed. My wife has a 1997 vintage that is under 25,000 km.:)

very nice, must be worth a bit of money with such low mileage on the clock, sure it was not reset a few times?
It was brand new, and ordered from Germany from MB Canada here in Toronto. It still looks brand new, abd with that new car smell in the cabin. She did not drive much, since I drove my SUV most of the time. We had thought of trading it in when it was a few years old, but it depreciated so much that we might as well keep it, since it runs and drives really well, and cost little to maintain . I only had to change oil every 15,000 km or 1.5 years according to MB recommendations.
thought i post some pics of cars that i think are sick: