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Against the iPhone 4!!!


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Aug 10, 2010
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ok one and two for me is not really true AT ALL... faulty software? no its been perfect... signal? no i get perfect signal no death gripp rubbish.. well they say no facetime calls over 3g for a reason, i bet att and other carriers cant handle so many millions trying to make them calls. so its the carrier not apples fault.. plus with jailbreak you can do it over 3g, not that i want to. sat nav was never free on nokias either. i am happy with maps and i use the 3g network...

micro sim cards enabled them to put bigger batter and more in the phone.. so thats a plus not a minus.. plus you can get sim adaptors to put it in regular phones.. plus i bet every phone will start to use micro sim. apple for once where the first to do it..

yellow what now? where are you seeing that?

rear camera is fine... 8??? again wtfrig?

the glass is fine. mine has taken a beating and is fine. not even a scratch.

11? i dont use a bumper so i dont know, actually i did order one from apple i tried it before i gave it away. everything was fine. but maybe other bumpers might have that problem? so i dont know?

thats not really a reason not to buy it. who cares about jailbreak flaw..just dont jailbreak if it bothers you.. no harm done

white phone sucks for those who want it, but again not really a reason to not buy it.

14 i agree with you kind of, i think apple are being stupid, but the flash im told sucks on mac software and os's anw so i half agree with this one..

15.. any unlocked phone from nokia to LG when you buy it unlocked costs that much. my n97 was 500 english pounds unlocked and i heard like the same in USD so its just the price of buying a good phone..

im no apple boy fan and i even switched from iphone to nokia because i got pissed off with iphone.. but there are my thoughts... ty for the link
1. If I hold my phone in the 'death grip' position yes I can make the signal drop by a bar or 2 but never ever to the point where I have no signal at all. Also this issue affects other smart phones as highlighted in Apple's recent press conference so for me this is a non-issue.

2. Non-issue.

3. For me facetime I will never use and to be honest I really don't think it's going to take off. The technology has been around for years but do we see people walking down the street making video calls? No. Also with a hack from Cydia I can now if I wish make a facetime call over 3G. So another non-issue which can be rectified with a hack from Cydia.

4. If I drove a car then perhaps this would be something I would consider, but I don't, I live in London, UK. My other car is a bus..... SO, for me another non-issue.

5. LOL are you seriously putting Micro-SIM cards as a reason not to buy an iPhone 4!? Hahahaha. Needed to pad out the article I assume? What a ridiculous reason. I have a sim adapter so another non-issue.

6. Never experienced so again a non-issue.

7. Never experienced so again a non-issue.

8. The camera takes fantastic shots. Even indoors in low low light the pictures blow away my previous phone which was the Motorola Droid. So again a non-issue for me.

9. FACT. If you drop most phones you'll end up doing some damage. The sheer number of people whom own this phone simply increase the likely hood of hearing these kind of stories.

10. Never experienced so again a non-issue.

11. Don't own a case yet so can't comment. Again though this is nothing new and I have seen it with many other manufacturer's.

12. An update will be released to deal with the security issue (if it even exists) so no big deal. And so far it's just a rumour, I'm yet to read of anyone who's phone has been taken over or something just because they opened a PDF.

13. White iPhone 4 looks plasticy to me and is no where near as classy as the black version, so again a non-issue.

14. I do miss some basic flash functions my Droid had yes. But still there isn't a fully functioning mobile version of flash out there so this is hardly a game changer.

15. Well it's a classy piece of kit, of course it's going to be expensive. And to be honest the price of most top end new release phone is up at the £400+ mark now (SIM FREE). Would I pay a couple hundred quid more for this phone? Yes. And after a few weeks with it I wouldn't even change my mind. Fact is if people want it, they will find a way to save up and get one. It's not a kid's toy either.

I hope that helps.
good post roy. also to note that it does not make a difference if there is a jailbreak security risk all that is bad for is apple it allows ppl to jailbreak.. so... i half agree with one of the points... number 14. but the iphone is getting better all the time so i am very happy with it
I have experience the proximity issue several times and it has caused me to accidently drop calls before. Everything else I'm fine with. But I haven't heard much about camera issues until now..
You could find 15 reasons not to buy a blackberry or an android phone if you put the effort into it as well as any other device. What phone we use how much we pay etc. are all personal choices. I did my research and the I phone turned to be the best choice for me. I don,t have the issues you speak of at all but it is a interesting article.
First off, youre advertising your site. Second off, youre TELLING us youre bashing the iphone 4.

I dont think this is the right place for you.
Looks like a copy of other writers that go around apple bashing just to get people to view their site. I suggest you buy one and test it out THEN write about it.......
I write for a site called Mobile phone reviews & compare best mobile phone deals UK and we have recently submitted an articl on why we think you SHOULDN´T buy an iPhone 4. This is a completely un-melitious article, but i am interested to know what people from the iPhone 4 community think about it!! here is the link:

15 reasons why NOT to buy the Apple iPhone 4 : Mobile Phone Reviews UK

we hope for some comments



Like I always say, people that do not own an iPhone 4 are the ones that complain a lot. Most people that I know and most people here do not encounter the problems that you listed in your article. I suggest that you do your research before you write an article about something.
Having read your well written but less than favourable findings with interest, I then clicked on the Apple link at the top left of your page, where I was taken to the last ten reports concerning Apple, out of these, nine were negative. Your report would hold much more credence if the rest of your articles were evenly balanced, Apple, against all popular myths, does produce some high quality and groundbreaking consumer electronics, your negative musings would be better validated if there was a fairer split between the good and bad reports, your article does raise some valid points but most will be dismissed as "apple bashing" because of your magazines negative bias.
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Just trying to get audience by Bashing Iphone with false reason …

Poor of you if you have only this solution, i can’t imagine what poor life you have