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5s Touchscreen Sometimes Unresponsive After Drop


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Jan 13, 2015
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Didn't see anything related in search.

I bought a used 5s in mint condition and all was working perfectly aside from some dust under the glass indicating (I suppose?) a screen change.

I very lightly dropped the phone flat from an inch or so above a hard surface, and since then the touchscreen will sometimes be unresponsive upon wake. I'll then hit sleep and wake again and it will work. Sometimes I'll have to sleep/wake twice before it does. However, I don't move the phone at all when sleep/waking again which seems to me to indicate it's not a loose cable or otherwise hardware related?

I did a hard reset twice to no avail. Also, after sleep/waking and working again it will sometimes register an odd gesture real quickly before everything starts to works fine. And lastly, it sometimes seems to have a slightly harder time registering my fingerprint (which obviously seems hardware related). The phone is recognized in iTunes.

I can't afford an Apple repair but I'm thinking I could do a digitizer replacement myself if deemed necessary.
Thanks so much for any help.